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Ladies and Gents,

The tabs are out!! ^^ To download the tabs, please go to the link ,

Thanks. ^^

Sim Kuan Yew


GSDC 2011 ended with a blast with team UTMARA 1 emerging as the champion against NUS 1 as the runner up.

39 teams enrolled into GSDC 2011. Our adju core consist of Suthen “Tate” Thomas (CA), Sharmila Parmanand and Nur Sabrina Zaini and they have worked out a spectacular set of motions for this tournament for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the motions for the whole tournament.

Round 1: Malaysia

  • That poorer nations should reject the storage and/or processing of hazardous materials on their soil by richer nations
  • That we would impose English as the common medium of instruction in all schools
  • That we would give the profits from mineral resources exclusively to the local states/provinces from which they are extracted

Round 2: Aid

  • That we would dispense humanitarian aid through established religious organisations in recipient states
  • That we would reject microcredit schemes targeted exclusively at women
  • That first world nations would increase immigration quotas for labour migrants from target countries instead of giving them development aid

Round 3: The Kiddies

  • That we would require parents who seek to have biological children to meet the same criteria as those who seek to adopt children
  • That schools should actively erase gender differences among their students
  • That online gaming sites should restrict the number hours minors can access their services

Round 4: Military

  • That we should not punish high-ranking military officials who are publicly critical of the decisions of elected politicians
  • That we would not allow retired high-ranking military officials to run for public office
  • That we would ban military recruitment campaigns targeted at low-income groups

Round 5: Business

  • That we would impose progressive taxation on corporations
  • That civil society groups should push for greater government regulation of corporations instead of supporting voluntary corporate social responsibility practices by those corporations
  • That it is legitimate for companies to monitor their employees’ Internet usage on their IT infrastructure

Quarter-finals: Gender

  • That the feminist movement would condemn women that have reached the highest levels of politics or the corporate ladder yet done little for women in their sphere of influence
  • That the feminist movement should reject and combat religion instead of attempting to reform it from within
  • That we would abolish Ladies’ Nights in bars

Semi-finals: International affairs

  • That the U.S. should sign a non-aggression treaty with North Korea without pre-conditions
  • That NATO should assasinate Gaddafi
  • That the Mexican state should tolerate drug cartels instead of waging an all-out war against them at the United States’ behest

Finals: New World Order

  • That the United States should deprioritise maintaining its position as the most dominant global power
  • That we would recognise a universal right to secession
  • That postcolonial states should not be members of organisations based on a common colonial heritage founded by their former colonial masters
Thanks for all who have participated. Hope to see you again soon. ^^
The tabs will be out soon.

Thanks to all making GSD11 a reality and proudly we can assured, it is a big success. Thanks to the competing teams and adjudicator for joining us and our apology if there are anything making all of you feel uncomfortable here. Thanks to Tate, Sharms and Sabrina as the core adjudicator. For Tate, good luck for your UADC 2012 in MMU. Congrats to UT MARA as the champion, NUS as the runner- up, Aji, Kanna and Mai as the best Speaker. Our GREATest gratitude to Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah for officiate our ceremony. Happy Birthday to the busy old man, Anthony Lee. And I Love my committee also!

Greatest Regards,

Mohammad Amirul Amin Abdullah


Great Serdang Debate 2011

GSD’11 is just around the corner. Ensure all of you are now ready for The Great that Awaits You! All of the boards are welcoming all of the competing teams to Universiti Putra Malaysia once again for the Sixth Great Serdang Debate 2011. Ready for the excitement all here along with our Honorable Chief Adjudicator Suthern Thomas a.k.a Tate this year!!! Pack all your stuff and let’s awaken the debating spirits!!!

Greatly Greetings,

Mohammad Amirul Amin Abdullah


Great Serdang Debate 2011

Deadline Extension

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Dear all,

Since a lot of team still having problems with the payment and registration, we decide to extend the deadline of registration and payment. We still accepting any team to join us. The deadline we be announced later. Feel free to ask any request. =)


Best Regards,

Mohammad Amirul Amin Abdullah


Great Serdang Debate 2011

Great Serdang Debate 2011

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Dear All,

My name is Sim Kuan Yew, the new co-convenor for the Great Serdang Debate 2011. Our Chief Adjudicator is Suthen “Tate” Thomas. ^^ The Deputy Chief Adjudicators will be announced soon. The date for GSD 2011 is from 27th to 30th May 2011. This year we will be having the tournament in the Australs format.

The fees will be MYR 220 per person. And will include:

  1. Registration Fees
  2. Accommodation (4 Days 3Night at the hostel)
  3. T-shirt
  4. Goodies bags
  5. Meals

The deadline for registration will be on 2nd May 2011. For any information, please email to

GSD 09 Adjudicator Tab List

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