GSDC 2009 was a success

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi guys,

The Great Serdang Debate Championship was a success as we had 52 teams coming to join us this year. We were very happy that after 8 long months of preparation and postponement and disappointment, we finally made it. I would like to thank all participating institutions from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia for joining GSDC. It was awesome that I finally got to meet everyone who has been in contact with me via email. It was nice to know you all and indeed friendship was fostered. I hope everyone enjoyed the tournament.

My thanks to the adjudication core, Sharmila , Kandahar, Surfi and Aman. You guys were part of the family and having you guys around was the reason GSD was a success. It was great to work with you guys.

Below are the motions for GSD 2009

R1 : THW abolish vernacular schools

R2: THW allow doctors to charge higher service fees for patients who lead unhealthy lifestlyes

R3: THBT all countries have the right to own nuclear weapons

R4: THBT the hijab is a symbol of female oppresion

R5: THBT the EU should remove all laws against holocaust denial.

Quarter-finals: THBT religious sites are legitimate military targets in times of war

Semi-finals: THW try Israel for war crimes

Grand Final: THW televise corruption trial against Malaysian public officers

I hope everyone had a good time debating the motions we have for GSD 2009. We’ll see everyone when the next GSD should take place. We’ll keep everyone posted from time to time and hope to keep in touch with everyone. Until then,  I’m Anthony, signing off for GSD 2009.


  1. debater says:

    hey. will the photos taken be available somewhere? facebook or something?

    • gsdc says:

      we are trying to retrieve the photos from everyone. some of them went back for holidays. we will publish it once we have it in facebook and in the blog.

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