For the 6th Times, It Is A Success!!

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thanks to all making GSD11 a reality and proudly we can assured, it is a big success. Thanks to the competing teams and adjudicator for joining us and our apology if there are anything making all of you feel uncomfortable here. Thanks to Tate, Sharms and Sabrina as the core adjudicator. For Tate, good luck for your UADC 2012 in MMU. Congrats to UT MARA as the champion, NUS as the runner- up, Aji, Kanna and Mai as the best Speaker. Our GREATest gratitude to Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah for officiate our ceremony. Happy Birthday to the busy old man, Anthony Lee. And I Love my committee also!

Greatest Regards,

Mohammad Amirul Amin Abdullah


Great Serdang Debate 2011

  1. Udit says:

    Hi could you upload the tab please?

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