Registration Policy

Participant Fee

–          1 Team                                     : RM 660

–          Adjudicator/observer                   : RM 150

Deposit Payment & Registration :

Deposit payment deadline : 27 March 2011

Deposit = RM 200 (with registration form via email)

*No refund


Walk in Payment (Cash only)

27 May 2011 = RM 220 per Debater & RM 150 per Adjudicator/Observer

Payment terms and condition

  1. Complete the registration form and send it back to
  2. Team cancellation must be informed to organizer before ………………………

* All payment must be paid before or during the registration day according to the terms apply.

Local Institutions:

1) Deposit to this bank account;

CIMB: 12150005004050


2) Cheque made payable to Bendahari Universiti Putra Malaysia

International Institutions:

Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)

Swift code       : CIBBMYKL

Acc. no.            : 12150005004050

Bank                  : CIMB

*Fax or email the copy of telegraphic transfer to us for our reference.

*To all interested institutions, leave us your details in the comments or email to us at and we will email to you the registration form and invitation letter if needed.

  1. Suffian says:

    I have a question with regards to the registration. if a team is not representing any institution (since it is an open tournament), do they still have to send an adjudicator, as required in the registration policy?

    • gsdc says:

      suffian: to answer your question. yes, as an independent team they still need to send an adjudicator because we are doing the N1 rule. 1 team 1 adju.

  2. Suffian says:

    where can i get the invitation form?

  3. Biondi says:

    On behalf of Hasanuddin English Debating Society, I would like to clarify that Hasanuddin University will send 5 teams in total to participate in this year GSDC. We’re going to book tickets of Air Asia for flight on December 2. I am still wondering though on whether or not the orgcom will still provide participants the accommodation for early arrival. I’m going to send an email with the complete details of all the team members as soon as possible.


  4. Amalia Darwis says:

    If one of the participant from our institution can’t come during registration period, can he be represented in any registration stuff? One of our team members will have final test on 4th dec, so he decide to take the flight right after the test. We are still trying to make rearrangement on this test schedule with the dean, whether the test should be removed to the 3rd dec or go to the other choices, after considering ur response. Therefore, we need u to reply this comment as soon as possible to make the decision.

    hasanuddin university delegation

  5. hye! we r students from sekolah tuanku abdul rahman. we would like 2 participate. we have decide 2 send 4 teams. so, is it ok if we just do the payment during the registration?

    • gsdc says:

      Hi STAR,

      Your teacher registered 3 teams with us the other day. Just email to us the new registration form with the added new team to us soon via email. We do accept walk-in-payment, preferably in cash.

  6. STAR says:

    Hi! We are having problems of sending adjudicators as a prerequisite for this tournament . What would happen if we really cannot find any adjudicators to meet the prerequisite for this tournament? We are very sorry for the inconvenience…

  7. Hariyana binti Abdul Wahid says:

    Hi ! We from State University of Makassar, Indonesia are interested in joining this competition. Do we have to pay before the competition or on the day of the competition ?
    And how many slots are left ?
    Thanks 🙂

    • gsdc says:

      Hi Hariyana..
      Regarding your questions, yes, you have to pay the deposit as stated above at least MYR200.. This is to confirmed that your team will be in this tourney as we are limiting our caps now. We maximize the caps until 3 slots per university, and it is still available for another 2 teams for your university to join this tournament. =)

  8. Yayat says:

    Could you please send me the registration form, actually you have sent one to my friend but if You don’t mind I’d like to get one. we need to confirm immediately, O ya I’m from state university of Makassar

  9. Yayat says:

    firstly we want to apologize because of some circumstances we haven’t pay the registration fee yet. therefore I’d like to know is it OK if we transfer the money on Monday?

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