Chief Adjudicator

Sharmila Parmanand

Three-time Champion and consistently among the top 5 Best Speakers, Asian Universities Debate Championship (2005, 2006, 2007),

Semi-Finalist and 10th Best Speaker, World Universities Invitational Debates 2007

Octo-finalist (18th breaking team), World Universities Debate Championship 2007, Dublin, Ireland

Adjudication Experience

Deputy Chief Adjudicator, Bangladesh AUDC 2009

Chief Adjudicator and top-ranked adjudicator, 9th Philippine National Debate Championships (Philippine Military Academy, October 2007)

Chief Adjudicator, Office of the Ombudsman – European Commission National Debate Championships (2006)

Deputy Chief Adjudicator, upcoming Philippine Intervarsity Debate Championship hosted by University of the Philippines (April 2007)

Chief Adjudicator, 1st Mindanao Debate Championship (Lanao del Sur, Jan. 2008)

Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Shoaib Rahim a.k.a Kandahar

5th Overall Best Speaker of the 14th All-Asian Inter-varsity Debating Championships 2007

Quarter-finalist of the Word University Peace Initiative Debate (WUPID) 2007

Quarter-finalist of the Asian University Debating Championships 2008

Quarter-finalist of the All-Asian Intervarsity Debating Championships 2006

Champion, Best Overall Speaker & Best Finals Speaker of the Malaysian Inaugural Economic Debate Championships (MIEDC) 2007

Semi-finalist and 4th Overall Best Speaker of Singapore Debate Open 2007-Champion, Best Finals Speaker of the National Health and Science Debate (NHSD)2006

Champion, Best Overall Speaker & Best Finals Speaker of Pre-Worlds MMU IV 2007

Champion, Best Overall Speaker & Best Finals Speaker of Pre-Asians MMU IV 2008

Grand-finalist of Novice Debating Championships 2005

-Grand-finalist of UiTM Pre-Asians IV 2008

-Grand-finalist of IIU League Finals 2008

-Grand-finalist of NHSD 2008

Adjudication Experience

Chief Adjudicator of Nanyang Technological University Nanos 2009

Chief Adjudicator MMU IV 2007

Deputy Chief Adjudicator Borneo Cup 2008

Deputy Chief Adjudicator UiTM Novice Debating Championships 2008

Adjudicator in UQ Austral-Asians Debating Championships 2005

Adjudicator in MMU Worlds 2005

Adjudicated the Grand Finals of the following renowned tournaments:

  • Singapore Management University (SMU) IV 2009
  • Singapore Debate Open 2008 hosted by National University Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technology University (NTU) Pro-Ams 2009
  • National University of Singapore (NUS) Inter-University Debates 2008

-Invited as Team Selector for International tournaments by following Institutions:

  • National University Singapore (NUS)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)
  • Temasek Polytechnic (TP)


Sarfaraz Ahmed

Grandfinalist Bangladesh Nationals 2001

Grandfinalist MIEDC 2007

Quarter Finalist 2008

Semi Finalist MMU IV 2009

Adjudication Experience

DCA All Asians 2005

AUDC Breaking Adjudicator 2008

Grand Finalist Adj in numerours IV’s in Bangladesh and Malaysia.

AIDA Level 03 Adjudicator



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