About GSD


The Great Serdang Debating Championship (GSD) is a debating tournament that was held for the first time in 2003. Well that was what I was told and by looking back at those piles of files regarding GSD. Then again I am not really sure whether Great Serdang Debating really started in 2003 as I found a piece of plaque bearing  GSD’s name dated 1996, so I cannot really talk about the history of GSD in full detail.


Perhaps GSD was said to start in 2003 was because it was organized by the Corporate Communication Secretariat of Tun Dr. Ismail College back then. By any chance at all,  someone out there who knows GSD’s history, please do fill me in about the history for everyone’s knowledge. I would be grateful and appreciate your sharing of knowledge.

So talking about GSD at the present,  the Great Serdang Debating Championship is an English debate tournament  organized by the Corporate Communication Secretariat of Tun Dr. Ismail College and it is a yearly event in the college calender. In the previous tournaments, GSD has been adapting the Asian Parliamentary concept. This does not mean that GSD tournament is using the Asian Parliamentary concept as its primary concept. In actual fact, GSD never had a fixed concept for its tournament because unlike other tournaments out there, GSD is more than just the usual tournament.

Apart from serving as a platform for rational and intelligent disquisition among brilliant minds, GSD serves as a platform for warming up session and training ground for debaters who are going to other tourneys that are taking place just round the corner after GSD. Therefore, GSD is a flexible tournament whereby it adapts any concept whether should it be the Australs, All Asian or British Parliamentary. So being flexible in its concept is what makes GSD unique and special.

Apart from that, GSD is also one of the tournaments that offers cash prizes to its winners. Winners are sure to get their cash prizes within a week’s  process which is very fast and efficient compared to other tourneys. This is also a sure BIG point that makes GSD a hassle free process when we deliver our prizes as promised. Of course in organizing an event such as GSD that has been going on and sort of a tradition for the Tun Dr. Ismail College, we have a committed team of organizers, administrators, debaters and adjudicators who are ready to learn and willing to put in the time and effort required to host a  successful debate championship.

All in all,  we would like to invite all Warriors of Words out there to come and join GSD that is to come. We also hope that with what GSD has got to offer at the present,  all debaters out there or interested individuals who are keen in tourney that involves exchanging of minds, please do make GSD an agenda in your yearly calender.

It would be great  to have more intelligent and brilliant minds in one place where sharing and exchanging of disquisition can be made. Hence for this to happen, we hope GSD will be that perfect tourney.

  1. Mokrish Ajat says:

    GSD was organized way back in the late 90’s. However, in 2003 the “Sekretariat Perhububungan Awam dan Alumni-Ahlijawatankuasa Tertinggi KTDI” decided to organize it for the first time in this new millenium. I was the first convenor, and Muthukumaran Thiagarajan(now DR)was the first CA. I was a debater before and KTDI those days were the home of most UPM debators (BM or engligh), such a long history and you can ask Mr Nazri Noh about it.

    The purpose of organizing such event (apart from cultivating the debating culture in UPM)is the organizational training/skills for KTDI students. Looking for sponsors, cracking your head in ensuring the protocol of the programme goes as scheduled. Ain’t that easy…trust me, but the experience organizing GSD is certainly worth it and priceless. GSD was known to be a different type of debate tourney compared to any other tourneys in Malaysia.

    The logo was actually designed by Kerd (Khairul Nizzam Rosman), he was a landscape degree student and a member of AJKT too. It’s good to know that you guys are still organizing it and hopefully the tournament will still be around in the future.

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