Welcome Delegates

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Dear Delegates,
As months and days pass by, we here in UPM are getting more and more excited in welcoming all of you here. In our effort to ensure all of you will have an enjoyable time during the tournament, we have been busting our guts in making arrangements for you all. We hope to do our best to provide a good and warm hospitality to all when we see all of you here soon.

Our goals for the Great Serdang Debate Championship are to strengthen the understanding, appreciation and to enhance the ability to analyze issues among local and international debaters. Other than that, we hope this tournament  would once again establish Tun Dr Ismail College as the sole host of The Great Serdang Debate where by GSD will prove to be the best debate platform for all debaters in this region.

In our attempt to achieve these goals, we the organizer are putting our fullest   commitment in this. We hope all the delegates can share their thoughts and comments with us, so that we can make improvements in our proponents or advocacy. Therefore for the next GSD to come, we can provide you a better hospitality.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and salute all my committee members for their commitment and hard work in making the 5th Great Serdang Debate Championship as big as this. I would also like to extend my fullest gratitude to our generous sponsors who have been so kind to sponsor GSD and help us to make this dream of ours a reality. Thank you very much.

Being the one and only host for The Great Serdang Debate Championship, we are delighted to welcome all of you to this tournament and through this tournament as well, we will utilize this opportunity to show our culture and societies to the world.

Thank You



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